Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Brown's resignation

By now, everyone knows city administrator George Brown resigned at a special meeting Monday night. Here are some things you may not have heard yet.

  • Next week, the commission will announce that they will offer Brown a 7-month severance package. Generous considering how they apparently feel about him and his job performance.
  • Sources say a certain former state senator is keeping options open and willing to talk to anyone about the possibility of filling Brown's spot as keeper of the top post in the city.
    Although he is reportedly very happy with his current job, he has reportedly already been asked about the possibility by several people. Probably unlikely he would leave the MEA for this job.
    Dane Nelson's name has also been bandied about for Brown's job, but with his city salary the closest to Brown's already, on top of his private practice, the question would be would he want all the extra hassle for probably less pay than he brings in now.
  • One thing Brown did not get from the commission he requested was the removal of all of his reprimands from his record to help his chances at landing another job without baggage from Adrian hanging over his head.
  • The Insider would love to be a guest or a fly on the wall at Thursday's Rotary meeting at noon at the Christian Family Centre. Brown, Sam Rye, Chuck Chase, Greg DuMars and Barb Mitzel are all members of that club.


Anonymous FightingTheRight said...

The commissioners must be delusional. What type of national search do they intend to conduct?
Why don't they save their money and put it toward buying a new Harley for Bruce Van Wieren as a signing bonus.
Van Wieren, the current Hudson city manager, would make a fine CEO of Adrian.
I wonder if Lt. Tom Ray will apply for the job?

10:06 PM  
Anonymous Fan of Bruce said...

Bruce Van Wieren maintains a blog about his activities as village manager.
He's got to be the only government leader in the county that goes out of his way to keep the taxpayers informed.

2:23 PM  

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