Monday, January 09, 2006

Founding president of Civitan dies

The founding president of Civitan of Lenawee and former manager of the Lenawee County Fair, Grant Swift, died Sunday in Naples, Fla.
Grant will be remembered by friends and colleagues alike as someone who worked hard, most often and usually preferably behind the scenes on so many charitable projects in the community.
Through Civitan and the fair, Grant's charitable efforts reached throughout the community. He had a hand in so many things, including the carnival that takes place each year in the Wal-Mart parking lot, the Christmas Tree project at the mall and the Special Olympics.
Many of the projects Grant lent his time to involved helping those who were physically or mentally handicapped, because a member of his family was disabled and it motivated him to assist others in similar situations.
Those who remember him from the Fair, will most likely remember Grant always tooling around the grounds on his golf cart making sure everything was running smoothly.
Five years ago, Grant was honored for his efforts by being named one of the 10 citizen's of the year by the Daily Telegram.
He will be missed.


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