Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Right to Life endorses Tim Walberg

Former state Rep. Tim Walberg has been endorsed by Right to Life of Michigan in his quest to unseat U.S. Rep. Joe Schwarz in the Aug. 8 primary.
Right to Life’s backing is expected to bring the Tipton Republican a boost at the polls among conservative Republicans opposed to abortion.
The group passed on Walberg in the 2004 six-man primary and endorsed former state Rep. Clark Bisbee, R-Jackson.
Bisbee skipped a debate at Adrian College and finished fourth in the primary.
Schwarz, a first term Republican lawmaker from Battle Creek, remains personally opposed to abortion, but as his chief staff told the Jackson Citizen Patriot, “It’s not a decision that should be made by a bunch of middle-aged men in Washington.”
Schwarz won the 2004 primary with just 28 percent of the vote.
Many conservatives – including Walberg – blamed Schwarz’s victory on Right to Life for picking the wrong candidate.
“How can you out right to life Tim Walberg?” Rev. Walberg said during the campaign.
It’s likely Walberg and his financial supporters at Club for Growth, a Washington, D.C.-based conservative group, will corner Schwarz in the abortion wedge issue arena.
Club for Growth launched a Web site, http://www.joeschwarzisaliberal.com/, last month as part of its war against Schwarz’s moderate views, which they label “liberal.”
The club recently started running a large advertisement on http://www.mlive.com/, the online home to Booth Newspapers, which includes The Jackson Citizen Patriot and The Ann Arbor News. Both papers circulate in Lenawee County and throughout Schwarz’s 7th District.
The anti-tax, anti-government Club for Growth may be off to a running start in a Web campaign, but Walberg hasn’t even launched a campaign Web site.
With less than eight months until the Aug. 8 primary, Walberg’s campaign on Dec. 16 filed its “statement of organization” but has not filed up-to-date campaign finance disclosures, according to the Federal Elections Commission.
The deadline to file quarterly reports was Sunday, Jan. 15. Schwarz’s latest report also is not yet available at the FEC’s Web site, http://www.fec.gov/.
Walberg’s wife, Susan G., is listed as his campaign’s custodian of records; Jeffrey A. Yeutter of Adrian is the treasurer of Walberg for Congress; and Carol J. Knoblauch of Ottawa Lake is the assistant treasurer, according to FEC records.
Walberg raised $150,638 and spent $147,647 in his unsuccessful 2004 bid for Congress, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, http://www.opensecrets.org/. As of Sept. 30, Walberg had $1862.73 on hand.
From July 1 to Sept. 30, Schwarz’s campaign reported raising $183,449, bringing the ear and throat physician’s war chest to $339,986.
Walberg’s campaign is actively seeking more endorsements and has already raised a six-figure campaign fund, the candidate told the Michigan Daily, the University of Michigan’s student newspaper, for a Jan. 18 story.
Walberg recently told The Hill that he had raised $150,000 in one month of campaigning. Walberg attributed much of his fundraising success to the Club.
To search a candidate’s campaign finance information, see www.fec.gov/finance/disclosure/efile_search.shtml


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has there been any shakeups in mamagement at RTL? How can Walberg blame RTL for letting Schwarz win last time and be so proud of their endorsement this time? I guess a lot of time has passed but it seems like hed be pretty steamed about losing their endorsement last time. You figure if you add Bissbee's total to his and we win.

8:47 AM  
Blogger Radcliffe said...

I think this increases Walberg's chances of course. Like I said in my blog post about Schwarz, his seat is valuable to the conservatives in the GOP because it would help decrease the moderate house members who have screwed some conservative GOP proposals (e.g. ANWAR).

Thanks for visiting. I'll be bookmarking you.

1:59 AM  
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