Thursday, February 02, 2006

GOP chairman Anuzis backs Schwarz

Tim Walberg has the endorsement of the leading anti-abortion group, Right to Life of Michigan, and Club for Growth, a nationwide anti-tax special interest group.
But U.S Rep. Joe Schwarz has won the endorsement of the state GOP party chairman, a rare and stunning development in what is likely to be a heated one-on-one Republican Congressional primary.
In an e-mail to party insiders, Saul Anuzis said while primaries are healthy in open seats, he hopes Republicans will not turn their efforts against each other in the 7th District.
“In the case of a Republican incumbent who is (A) representing their district well and doing a fine job in support of Republican ideals and (B) is helpful to the Party’s efforts, I would hope that incumbent could avoid a primary. That is why, without reservation, I am endorsing Congressman Joe Schwarz for reelection,” Anuzis said.
It’s unusual for a party chair to get involved in a primary election.
Elected to the post a year ago, Anuzis is likely to see some unhappy party members, especially among those backing Walberg and opposed to Schwarz’s moderate views, political pundits say.
The Battle Creek Enquirer broke the detail, but buried it in a Wednesday, Feb. 1 story.
Bloggers like Joe Sylvester have sunk their teeth into the endorsement, which is not yet displayed on Schwarz’s Web site.
Tim Skubick, the boastful and brash capitol correspondent, reported for MIRS today that “Anuzis says sees nothing wrong with stepping into the contested primary between the incumbent and conservative challenger,” Walberg, a Tipton Republican.
Meanwhile, Schwarz took out full-page ads in the Wednesday’s edition of the Jackson Citizen Patriot and Battle Creek Enquirer. He also revamped his Web site.
Anuzis’ endorsement was leaked by party insiders and he hasn’t posted anything on his blog yet.
Schwarz doesn’t have the party chairman listed on his Web site as an endorsement yet either. But former state Rep. Clark Bisbee from Jackson has given the Battle Creek physician his support.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! This just keeps getting dicier. Think I'll sit back and enjoy.

Kindly pass the popcorn.

4:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dicier? Our Chairman knows he has a lot of hard work on his hands getting rid of Granholm and Stabenow and putting good candidates up across the state in house and senate seats. Why would he want the GOP to piss away time and money in a Congressional seat already in the GOP column? A candidate like Walberg, and the long-shot chance he has, would lose to any B-list dem next time around. He barely beat Spade in his last house race. What was that total? He is so far outside of the mainstream of this district that it would be an embarrasment in 2008 to this state.

5:30 PM  

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