Friday, February 10, 2006

"Here's your sign!"

Funnyman Bill Engvall is scheduled to perform at the Lenawee County Fair on Aug. 14.
Engvall's career picked up steam when he toured with redneck comedian Jeff Foxworthy in the late 90s and eventually appeared alongside him on Foxworthy's short-lived TV show.
His celebrity reached new heights with the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, which featured Engvall, Foxworthy, Ron White and Larry the Cable Guy. That movie spawned a TV show and a second Blue Collar movie. A third is slated to be filmed in March in Washington, D.C.
While not as well known as Larry the Cable Guy's "Git-R-Done", Engvall's catch phrase, "Here's Your Sign" was the title of his first comedy album, which was the #1 selling comedy album of 1997.


Anonymous Fred Garvin said...

Did anybody else see this in the Daily Telegram???

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