Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Old issues emerge for Martin in Woodhaven

Former Adrian Police Chief Michael Martin will be the topic of discussion in Woodhaven next week, where city officials vote on signing him to a three-year contract --but his past here is creating a slight road bump in his path to the chief's office.
In an article in the Detroit News today, it details a situation going on there that many in Adrian will remember as one of the main reasons Martin never was given much of a chance in this community.
One Woodhaven council member was upset and voted against offering Martin the contract because other officers on the Woodhaven force were not interviewed for the job.
When Martin came to Adrian, there was overwhelming public support for acting chief, and Adrian local Tom Ray to be given the job, but it was given to Martin, an outsider.
The issues that led to Martin's eventual resignation in Adrian, the missing evidence and the reprimand issue also came out during his interview.


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