Thursday, April 13, 2006

Walberg's campaign responds to readers

Apparently Tim Walberg’s campaign has heard the voices of Adrian Insider readers, who have recently wondered what the Tipton Republican has been up to.
Walberg’s campaign posted new comments, reaffirming the GOP congressional candidate’s conservative principals and continuing to accuse Congressman Joe Schwarz of being anti-gun, supporting abortion on demand, taking money from “America’s largest abortion provider,” and even voting for taxpayer-supported Viagra for old feeble men.
The campaign also recently posted new photos of Tim, his family, dog, gun and motorcycle.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great photo of Walberg in his hunting garb. Upon closer look, it's a spring time photo. What do you wear blaze orange to hunt in the spring?

It would have been helpful if he cut the tag off before putting it on, perhaps it was on loan from Wal-Mart!

7:32 PM  

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