Thursday, April 27, 2006

What does a ‘clean’ campaign entail?

After coming out swinging in radio attack ads, former state Rep. Tim Walberg has pledged he will run a clean campaign in the 7th District Congressional primary.
Congressman Joe Schwarz’s campaign manager responded in writing Monday to Walberg’s request that the incumbent from Battle Creek sign a pledge.
You have asked the congressman to sign a pledge to conduct a clean campaign. During the last campaign you spent countless thousands of dollars running attacks ads against Congressman Schwarz, misrepresenting and falsifying his position and record at every instance. In fact, in 2004 you created a special Defeat Joe Schwarz Fund so that your contributors could earmark campaign contributions specifically for negative attacks, campaign manager Paul Egnatuk wrote Walberg.
Needless to say, Schwarz won’t be signing any pledge, Egnatuk said.
“To this very day, you continue to run a negative campaign, with your website and the radio being the latest outlets for your misrepresentations,” Egnatuk wrote, The Battle Creek Enquirer first reported.
Schwarz’s campaign, which paints itself as clean, refers to Walberg as “Wally” on spokesman Matt Marsden’s campaign journal.
Walberg’s campaign hasn’t cleaned up its website rhetoric, still claiming that Schwarz supports abortion on demand.”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It really takes a lot of gall for Walberg to request Schwarz sign a statement to run a "clean" campaign. So far, Walberg's handlers in Washington (Club for Growth) have hosted an attack website which appears all over MLive and orchestrated vicious radio ads misrepresenting Schwarz. Walberg has failed miserably to accurately represent Schwarz's record and for him to request the congressman sign a clean campaign pledge ludicris.

If Walberg is serious, he will have CFG pull the Schwarz is a liberal website and start honestly representing the Congressman's record.

There appears to be a real sense of desperation coming from the Walberg camp as they know he cannot touch touch on any issue of relevance.

His campaign is driving down the road of irrelevance.

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Blogger Doug said...

We need a change in the 7th. We need a Congressman who will bring accountability to Washington. Not vote 85% of the time for the President's failed policies like Schwarz has done. We certainly do not need Walberg who is afraid of everything. We are tired of politicians thinking we are stupid and afraid to come out of the house. We have real issues that affect us every day not guns, gays, and abortion. If you think we are headed in the wrong direction check out

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