Tuesday, May 30, 2006

New blogger defends Matthew Peterson

An Adrian Insider reader by the name of Christine Kennedy Kramer has started a blog in defense of convicted former Tecumseh High School track coach Matthew Peterson.
Tecumseh police say Peterson had at least four parties at his house in 2003 when he allegedly provided alcohol and let track stars drug and sexually assault teenage girls in his hot tub.
Her first blog posting was also posted in the comments section of an May 15 Adrian Insider blog.
"So he screwed up a little, not nearly as much as you wish he did in what you read. So give it up," Christine Kennedy Kramer wrote in a posting that was published at 10:28 a.m. today.
This apparent friend of Peterson's isn't the only one rushing to defend him and his former athletes, many of whom are serving jail time for various offenses related to Peterson's parties and scams.
Much of the dialogue stemmed from an in-depth report by the Detroit Free Press on how the school district turned a blind eye on Peterson.
Even the news editor of the Adrian's daily newspaper, The Daily Telegram, took a poke at the state's biggest newspaper.
In his column Saturday, Eric Gable said the Free Press' May 19 editorial comment - "Shame on all of Tecumseh" - "was, perhaps, just a wee bit of an overstatement."


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