Sunday, May 21, 2006

Peer pressure led rape victim to drop charges, Tecumseh police say

Of all the recent revelations coming out of the Tecumseh High School sex scandal, authorities have begun implying that after Cole Corey and classmate Anthony Sandoval assaulted a 17-year-old girl in Sandoval's home, they and others may have peer-pressured the girl to not pursue rape charges.
Shortly after the April 2002 assault, the girl went to the hospital and authorities had evidence she had been drugged with Ecstasy and raped, police say.
"Basically, we did the collection of evidence and it was preserved," John Clark, deputy police chief at the Tecumseh Police Department, told The State News for a story Friday.
"Both suspects as well as the victim had been interviewed. Unfortunately, due to the victim's age, she came under a lot of peer pressure and thought it would be easier to walk away from everything."
Clark and other authorities have hinted that if the rape victim had gone forward with pressing charges against Cole Corey and Anthony Sandoval, the drunk debauchery and sexual abuse of other female classmates that took place a year later in track coach Matthew Peterson's home could have been prevented.

In other news.....
Michigan State University's decision to keep Cole Corey on the football team after he struck a plea bargain with Lenawee County prosecutors, pleading guilty to possession of a controlled substance in February, is drawing criticism from the Lansing State Journal.
Corey's high school run-ins with the law didn't stop in Tecumseh.
While at MSU, the junior cornerback was charged with misdemeanor aggravated assault in January 2004, then with filing a false police report, a felony, in April 2004.
Following his sentencing on Thursday, Corey was kicked off the team and is no longer listed on the roster.
In a Sunday editorial, the State Journal calls on MSU coach John L. Smith, administrators and elected trustees to explain just exactly why they stuck with Corey since February and who is really in charge.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hard to believe that there was evidence against Anthony Sandoval that he drugged and raped a girl in 2002 and in 2003 he was in one of my criminal justice classes at Grand Valley State. Not to mention that I have been around him at several college parties since then...kind of chilling. Just goes to show you that no one can be trusted these days. Way to honor the name of the "typical guy". Good luck with your Criminal Justice coursework...maybe think about finding an alternate plan?!?!

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