Monday, May 22, 2006

'Walberg gets exactly the race he wants'

The Detroit Free Press has an in-depth profile story today about the 7th District Republican congressional primary battle between former state Rep. Tim Walberg and incumbent U.S. Rep. Joe Schwarz.
The story profile rural voters from Union City, but political pundit Bill Ballenger sums up the race in one sentence following analysis of Schwarz's 2004 victory in a six-man field, which Walberg was part of.
"Now Walberg gets exactly the race he wants," Ballenger told the Free Press.
Ballenger on Schwarz's incumbency: "The question is whether this two years of service is simply too much for Walberg to overcome."
Retired U.S. Rep. Nick Smith, R-Addison, whose son Brad Smith came in second to Schwarz in 2004, said he hasn't made a decision whether to endorse one candidate or the other.
"I think the new mandate for Congress is to be more frugal on spending," the life-long farmer and budget hawk told the Free Press.
"No matter who wins, a lot of things are going to be different in Congress next go-round."

In other news...
The Schwarz campaign continues to fight back against Walberg's "Schwarz is a tax and spend liberal" labeling.
In his latest campaign journal post, Campaign Director Matt Marsden calls Walberg a "Quasi-Republican" who is financially beholden to a "Pseudo-Republican" political action committee, Club for Growth.
Marsden, who said both Club for Growth and Walberg continue "to lie," left this message for his bosses opponent:
"Tim, I’m a realist. I don’t expect Congressman Schwarz’s votes to deter you from continuing to propagate your misleading and hypocritical rhetoric."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It doesnt matter what race Walberg gets, he has nothing to run on. No issues, no qualifications, and no character.
He could cut off one of Joe's legs and still not be able to beat him in a race.

3:41 PM  

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