Friday, June 23, 2006

A gun battle in the 7th District GOP primary

Joe Schwarz and Tim Walberg are in a gun fight.But this one doesn't involve live ammunition, just rhetoric from both campaigns touting who is more gun-friendly in the mostly conservative 7th District of south-central Michigan.Walberg, a former state rep from Tipton, is touting an endorsement from Gun Owners of America.Congressman Schwarz just got a "letter of praise and a campaign donation from the National Rifle Association," according to a report in today's Jackson Citizen Patriot.
The Shooters Alliance for Firearms Rights, not as well known as the NRA, is backing Walberg.
Walberg had probably planned on racking up the gun lobby, but that appears to not be the case.
It's similar to 2004 when Right to Life, which is backing him this time, decided to endorse Clark Bisbee of Jackson, who skipped a debate at Adrian College that year.
"How can you out Right to Life Tim Walberg?" Walberg rhetorically was quoted as saying in the newspapers.
Walberg now has the backing of the National Taxpayer's Union Campaign as well.
Schwarz's spokesman said the incumbent from Battle Creek is "a big supporter of the Second Amendment."
"From his time in the CIA, he's noted that he can take a 9 millimeter apart and put it back together with his eyes closed," spokesman John Truscott told the Citizen Patriot. "Not too many people can do that."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great photo of Walberg. So what springtime hunt requires blaze orange? Obviously a staged shot, but it wouldn't suprise me if he actually wore orange while turkey hunting, you know all those Bubba's are out there. If you look closely at the photo it still has the Wal-Mart tags on it. LOL!

5:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can make fun of him all you want, but to be able to sneak up on game like that, he's practically patting it on the head. With outdoorsman skills like that, who needs a gun? He could just club it with a stick.

Yup, my vote is for him now that I've see him in action. Maybe the state requires him to wear orange whenever his is outside so he does not sneak up on other humans.

2:09 PM  
Blogger Kate said...

There are quite a few things going on in Adrian - you seem to have tunnel vision. If this is a political site to support specific candidates you should, in the interest of honesty, post a disclaimer.

Not to suppose that you have an absolute bias - but there was a storm that rivaled all other storms and you're still hpyer-focued on a small local political race.


12:04 AM  
Anonymous Delayed Telegram said...

Did you notice the previous post about the storm that rocked Lenawee County Wednesday?

How about all the posts linking up the stories the Daily Telegram hasn't told us about the Tecumseh high school track team sex scandal?

Heck, I learned about the election polling changes from this blog months before it was reported by the paper. Thanks to for linking this blog up or I would have never found it.

This blogger seems to be interested in the Schwarz vs. Walberg race, but who can blame him (or her)?? It's the most closely watched congressional primary in the country. And the local media is asleep at the wheel.

I've been reading this blog for months. Like many city residents who read about Adrian city hall going up in controversial flames, I wondered whatever happen to the former police chief and city administrator. This blogger has tracked that down for all us.

A search through the archives will find this is more than a politics blog and I think it's pretty balanced!!!!

How about the $212K grant Walker Tavern got to become the one-stop visitors center for the Irish Hills.

The "Adrian Insider" posted this unreported information on Sunday, May 21 and the Telegram reported it the following Tuesday.

How about the Delayed Telegram write a story about this local blogger. Maybe then we could find out who he or she is and motivations, political leaning, etc....

12:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agreed, Delayed Telegram.

This blog has been a most useful resource on a variety of topics.


-And keep up the good work

1:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He can also try to run down a person at the Battle Creek Veteran's Affair Center (Check Battle Creek Enquirer archives).

6:19 PM  
Blogger Republican Michigander said...

The NRA plays games once again and shows its short memory when people change positions in government. They gave Mike Hanley an A in 2002 in his state senate race. Hanley probably promised one thing if he was a state senator - after he writes gun control legislation as a state rep.

SAFR and GOA remembered Schwarz's 2002 campaign when he was the only candidate who did not support an individual right to keep and bear arms. Not to mention that his voting record on 2a issues as a state senator stunk.

1:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Schwarz has always been pro-gun. He voted against the CCW in the Senate because he felt it took control away from local Sheriffs and county gun boards. He has since realized that the law works and has not created the problems first imagined. This is the mark of a leader, when new information comes forth, his opinion changes.

Since in Washington, Schwarz has co-sponsered the bill to protect gun manufacturers from liability and to lift the gun ban in DC. NRA is endorsing him.

I trust Schwarz's judgement far more than Walberg who is married to strict dogma and ideology.

10:32 AM  

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