Saturday, June 03, 2006

Read the new 'Schwarz Report'

U.S. Rep. Joe Schwarz's campaign continues to tout all the conservative principles the incumbent has attempted to hold up during his first two years in Congress.
The Schwarz for Congress Report #1 details all the things the Battle Creek Republican has done to support President Bush, who has returned the favor.
Touting itself as the "Real Record of a Real Representative," the Schwarz Report authors continues to slam former state Rep. Tim Walberg, R-Tipton, and "his cynical financial backers in Washington" - Club for Growth.
"Tim Walberg has predictably turned to lies and distortions of the congressman’s record," the report states.
Meanwhile, Walberg's touting some new endorsements from the Madison Project, Campaign for Michigan Families, Michigan Conservative Union and the Eagle Forum, a pro-family movement.

UPDATE 6/6: The Aug. 8 GOP primary between Schwarz and Walberg is just two months away. Conservative blogger Republican Michigander posted this 7th District political analysis in November.
Just as a reminder to all the political junkies, here's the 2004 7th District results:
Clark Bisbee - 14.02% - 10301 votes
Gene DeRossett - 11.41% - 8379 votes
Paul DeWeese - 6.65% - 4886 votes
Joe Schwarz - 27.82% - 20440 votes
Brad Smith - 22.44% - 16488 votes
Tim Walberg - 17.66% - 12978 votes


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When will the Walberg record of accompolishments in Lansing be posted?

Schwarz is the best Rep. we've had in a long time. We need to keep him in office. He was recently listed as one of the ten most influential freshmen legisators. We don't need another political hack who will stick his finger in the wind and call Club for Growth every time he has to make a decison.

Schwarz still has my vote, he's an exceptional leader and statesman.

8:16 AM  

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