Friday, June 16, 2006

Schwarz raising more money than Walberg?

Without much evidence and just a single source of speculation, a report in the Battle Creek Enquirer Friday suggests U.S. Rep. Joe Schwarz will surpass 7th District congressional GOP candidate Tim Walberg in fundraising soon.
"As of March 31, Walberg had raised $343,245 in the 2005-06 election cycle, while Schwarz pulled in $811,401. However, Schwarz spent considerably more — $619,339 to Walberg’s $42,032 — leaving the two candidates with an almost-equal amount of cash on hand, Walberg having $304,199 to Schwarz’s $333,613," Schwarz's hometown newspaper reported.
In just a couple of hours last Saturday, Sen. John McCain of Arizona raised $137,000 for Schwarz from primarily local donors during a stop in Jackson, The Citizen Patriot reported.
The B.C. Enquirer's report doesn't site this feat, but ends with an unattributed suggestion that Schwarz will pull ahead in the money game. New campaign finance reports are due out June 30.
Sources close to the Walberg camp tell The Insider that the Tipton Republican plans to go out guns a blazing with campaign ads and spending as the Aug. 8 primary nears.


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