Friday, July 07, 2006

Assessing the home values of Adrian city leaders

Want to know what your neighbor's house is worth?
For the next three months, you can do so for free, thanks to Adrian's City Commissioners.
Have you ever wanted to know what the homes of Adrian's City Commissioners are worth?
Well the Adrian Insider has.
Been enjoying searching through this easy to use feature for the last week.
Below is The Insider's analysis ranking of the State Equalized Value of the homes of Adrian's commissioners, mayor and city administrator.
This photo is of the most valuable home, owned by Commissioner Greg DuMars.

City Commissioner Greg DuMars: SEV $123,900

City Commissioner Mike Clegg: SEV $109,100

City Commissioner Barb Mitzel: SEV $108,100

City Commissioner Harry "Dusty" Steele: SEV $106,300

City Administrator Dane Nelson: SEV $93,200

Mayor Gary McDowell: SEV $82,700

City Commissioner Mike Osborne: SEV $47,300

City Commissioner Kirk Valentine lists his address as 1235 Michigan Ave., but that property is owned by Adrian College.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let us not let the Detroit News article on the millionaires in Congress. Joe Scharz sound familiar?

At least seven of Michigan's 17 members of Congress are millionaires -- and none lives just on a congressional paycheck.

While Michigan families live on a median annual income of about $45,000, the lawmakers they sent to Washington supplement their $165,200 congressional pay through a variety of sources.

Rep. Joe Schwarz of Battle Creek moonlights as a doctor.

Public Citizen says the finances of the Michigan delegation aren't out of sync with the overall Congress: About half of senators and one-third of House members belong to the Millionaires Club, as Congress is sometimes called.

In addition to big salaries they set for themselves, members of Congress can earn up to 15 percent of their congressional salary in outside employment.

Only Schwarz -- an ear, nose and throat physician -- reported holding a second job: He received $22,000 from the Family Health Center of Battle Creek for services, just under the 15 percent limit. As a candidate in 2004, Schwarz said he would continue to treat his oldest patients

By rules they set, members of Congress receive annual automatic 2 percent cost-of-living raises unless they vote otherwise.

Once they've served at least five years, they're entitled to a retirement annuity that tops out at up to 80 percent of their final salary.

11:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The six lawmakers in addition to Upton who definitely are millionaires are U.S. Sen. Levin, D-Detroit; and U.S. Reps. Dave Camp, R-Midland; Schwarz; Joe Knollenberg, R-Bloomfield Hills; Dingell, D-Dearborn; and Rep. Levin

11:18 PM  

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