Sunday, July 23, 2006

Blade: Walberg victory would embarass Bush

Without directly endorsing Joe Schwarz for re-election, the Toledo Blade's editorial board today reinforced a Schwarz campaign strategy: A victory for Tim Walberg would give Democrats a chance to take the 7th District seat in 2008.
"Should Joe Schwarz lose, it will not only embarrass the President, it will demonstrate to many observers that there is no place for even moderate liberals in the Michigan GOP," The Blade editors wrote. "Ironically, if Republicans end up ousting the incumbent in the primary, the result could be the election of a real liberal in November."
State Senator Mark Schauer, a Democrat with name recognition, has already publicly complained that the Schwarz campaign has invoked his name to scare Republicans into voting for the Battle Creek incumbent.
""It sounds like I'm being used as a political bogeyman," Schauer told the Jackson Citizen Patriot.

The Lansing State Journal endorsed Schwarz today in an editorial. The 7th District includes Eaton County and the populated Lansing suburb of Delta Township, which Schwarz won in the crowded 2004 primary.
"...Schwarz carries two necessary traits into lawmaking: seeing nuance and recognizing those across the political aisle may have some good ideas," the State Journal editors wrote.
Eaton County used to be part of Schwarz's 24th District state Senate seat.

The State Journal and Blade's editorials make them the first newspapers with circulation within the 7th District to weigh in on the race.
The Detroit Free Press endorsed Schwarz on July 14.


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