Saturday, July 22, 2006

'Dr. Walberg' won't 'disavow' Club for Growth ads

During Friday's debate, Tim Walberg defended the Club for Growth tv and radio ads that call his opponent "outrageously liberal."
U.S. Rep. Joe Schwarz, R-Battle Creek, didn't take much offense.
"I don't much give a rip what anyone else puts in an ad about me," Schwarz responded, as reported today in the Jackson Citizen Patriot.
At one point, Schwarz called his opponent "Dr. Walberg" while explaining why he voted to give Medicaid recipients Viagra.
"I've been called a lot worse than 'doctor,' " Walberg told the Jackson reporter after the debate (laughing). "Maybe it'll increase my pay."

Did the headline writers in Adrian, Jackson and Battle Creek have a conference call after Friday's debate?

Here's the stories from yesterday's debate:
"Schwarz, Walberg trade barbs at JCC," by Susan Demas, Jackson Citizen Patriot

"GOP rep. candidates trade barbs at debate," by Andy Rathbun, Battle Creek Enquirer

"Schwarz, Walberg trade barbs," by Andy Rogers, Adrian Daily Telegram

"Campaign finances arise in debate," by Chad Dally, Hillsdale Daily News

"7th Congressional District candidates spar in Jackson," by James Prichard, The Associated Press

"In debate, Walberg says Schwarz backs pork-barrel projects," by Chris Andrews, Lansing State Journal

The Daily Telegram misspelled moderator Tim Skubick's last name as "Skubic."
The photo caption on Page One also says the debate took place on Tuesday. Yesterday was Friday.


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