Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Nick Smith's $1,000 gift to Schwarz gets noticed

Retired Congressman Nick Smith’s $1,000 contribution to Joe Schwarz’s re-election but decision to be “publicly neutral” in the Aug. 8 primary has gotten some media attention.
Campaign finance records show Smith's political action committee, Nick Smith for Better Government, donated $1,000 in February to Schwarz, R-Battle Creek, the Jackson Citizen Patriot reported Friday, July 21.
The Addison farmer's PAC contribution was first reported by the Adrian Insider.

In other campaign news, CQPolitics.com has an in-depth analysis of the heated primary between Schwarz and Tim Walberg.
Campaign observers say Walberg may be gaining ground on Schwarz, even as the incumbent continues to rake up big time endorsements.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

CQ forgets to mention in talking about Walberg's "small cash on hand advantage" that that number was taken before Walberg's fraudulent FEC filings that were $100,000 short; and who knows what else he hasnt been reporting.

10:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, jokes on me. Walberg is refusing to update his "Comparison of the Week" just so I lose my office pool. It is funny, I admit.

His lack of attention to his comparison of the week is kind of like how he refused to vote for legislation in the state of Michigan that has preserved thousands of jobs across the congressional district he now wants to represent.

Kind of like how he refuses to admit that he had little to no influence on laws or policies and his district suffered for it. I never thought I'd be happy about a democrat, but the Spade brothers have been the best thing to happen to Lenawee county in the state house in 24 years. He took a safe GOP seat and gift wrapped it for the democrats.

It also chills my spine that he is so quick to answer a question about sending troops to a war zone with no grasp of the facts. The job of a congressman is one which requires a clear head and I am afraid his dogmatic pride would not allow him to go back on a statement like that. That is dangerous. The only thing that encourages me about him is that he is lazy and might just skip that vote like he did with the last attempt to block his pay raise in the state house.

So, in conclusion, I have paid the buck to my fellow office workers. Now, Mr. Walberg, please update your comparison of the week/ month/ quarter before you have to end your campaign.

1:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The quote in that article was something to the effect that Nick counted Joe as a good friend. Now, if he would nat say the same for Walberg, why? It would seem they are much more closely aligned, politically. Why does Nick count Joe as a friend and not Walberg?

12:25 PM  

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