Monday, July 31, 2006

'RINO hunting'

Club for Growth and its "conservative firebrand" president Patrick J. Toomey are going RINO hunting this week, and U.S. Rep. Joe Schwarz is being hunted, Congressional Quarterly Politics reported today on it Web site.
Meanwhile, Detroit News editorial page editor Nolan Finley sarcastically wrote Sunday in his column "I can't believe it. My old friend Joe Schwarz is a big, fat liberal."
"Joe Schwarz isn't liberal. He isn't overly conservative, either. Maybe that makes him moderate by default, but that label seems too lukewarm to describe someone with such passion," Finley wrote.
His column rips on the "RINO hunters" at Club for Growth, which founded the anti-Schwarz Web site,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

CFG has certiantly found what they are looking for in 7th district candidate Tim Walberg. As evidenced by the Club's contributions to several democratic candidates, Ideology is not what they are after-- it's candidate loyality and political hatchet-power.

The sad thing about thier so-called "RINO" hunting in the 7th district is not just that they are unduely influencing Michigan elections-- it's that they are doing it illegaly. Anybody with the internet can see that there has been illegal colussion and financial arrangments between the Walberg campaign and CFG. the FEC has been notified, but by the time they act it may be too late.

The sickening feeling I've been getting in my stomach while listening to Tim Walberg's campaign of distortions and half-truths got noticably worse during the debate at JCC when he, without blinking twice, committed U.S. troops to Lebanon -- "If the President asked for them".

Tim Walberg is a follower.

Not only that, but he left what little class and promise he might have shown as a legislator behind long ago-- when he was first approached by Club for Growth.

To Walberg Fans: Abortion is not the issue it was 10 years ago--
The world is full of complex, scary, and immediate problems-- few of which center around Roe Vs. Wade. Handle Abortion where it is meant to be handled-- at the state level. Send Joe Schwarz back to Washington.

2:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

RINO? Liberal?
Yeah, Right?

Remember, Walberg was one of the worst legislators in Michigan. Here's evidence.

Vote Schwarz for jobs

To the editor,

Joe Schwarz helped create thousands of jobs in Lenawee during his service in state and federal office. He received the endorsement of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in recognition of his 88 percent voting record in support of America’s job providers. He also received the unqualified endorsement of the Michigan Chamber. I personally endorse and support Congressman Schwarz. Although my employer is barred from endorsing candidates, my personal free speech rights allow — and my conscience compels — me to express my views on the 7th District race.

I talk to Joe’s district or Washington office two or three times a week. Rep. Schwarz meets with me once a month, has visited several Lenawee manufacturers at my request and is currently leading efforts to save 200 jobs and create many more. In Washington I saw firsthand the respect that other House and Senate members — Republicans and Democrats — have for Joe. Due to his energy, hard work and sincerity he is very effective, earning especially high praise for his first term.

Joe worked with me and supported Lenawee’s economic development priorities when he was in the Michigan Senate. He voted to establish the Michigan Economic Growth Authority (MEGA) which led directly to the creation of over a thousand jobs in Lenawee and several thousand more throughout the district. If you work for Inergy, L & W Engineering, Jaytec, Hi-Lex Controls or Pilkington, then you benefit daily from Joe’s vision and leadership. Two large employers are currently looking at job creation projects in Lenawee, contingent upon assistance from MEGA. Tim Walberg voted against MEGA in the Michigan House and was categorically opposed to the kind of incentive programs that helped us attract the ethanol plant and the biodiesel plant that will start construction in Adrian this fall. Joe stood up for Lenawee every time I asked. As a state representative Tim Walberg never supported anything I needed on behalf of local employers. Not once!

As a member of the House Agriculture, Science and Armed Services committees, Rep. Schwarz could not be in a better position to help our job creation efforts in the future. As a caring and compassionate physician, we need his voice on national health care issues. He has the experience and the integrity to do the job. He can be trusted and should continue to represent us — all of us — in the U.S. House.

David B. Munson


7:27 PM  

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