Friday, July 28, 2006

Schwarz under national attack

U.S. Rep. Joe Schwarz is getting attacked nationally, with one blog calling for his "ouster" on Aug. 8 when he faces Tim Walberg.
"Joe Schwarz (RINO-MI) is one of the most liberal Republicans in the House. Schwarz is friends with labor unions, not workers. He is friends with teachers unions, not families. He is friends with tax hikers, not tax cutters," wrote The Directors of
Another blogger even compared Schwarz's re-election chances to Joe Lieberman, the veteran Connecticut senator whose primary campaign has gained national attention for its nastiness.
a former state representative from Lenawee County.
Earlier this week, Congressional Quarterly came out with an in-depth analysis of the race that's even got Michigan political observers like Phil Power weighing in now.
California-based blogger Jon Fleischman of The FlashReport also jumped on the blogsphere bandwagon yesterday by telling his readers "just how liberal Schwarz is." He listed bullet points from Club for Growth's pride and joy Web site,
Republican Michigander of Howell also chastized Schwarz after the Battle Creek physician got the endorsement of the National Rifle Association.
At least this blogger has remain consistent on his position.
"I'm not a fan of Mr. Schwarz. This goes back to his days in the state senate where he was a frequent critic of gun owners, pro-lifers, and tax hawks," Republican Michigander wrote on Nov. 20 of last year.
Most of the bloggers don't even live in 7th District, unlike The Adrian Insider, which has strided for a fair and balanced reporting of this heated congressional race.

In other campaign news, Schwarz's supporters at the Republican Main Street Partnership no longer want to be called "moderates."
It's "centrist."
CNN's Mark Preston has a report about the fight between the "centrists" Republicans and Club for Growth, the anti-tax, pro-growth group in Washington, D.C. that's funnelling money and support into Tim Walberg's campaign war chest.
Club for Growth has been running a TV blitz to unseat Schwarz.


Anonymous Richard N. said...

These RedState/Flash Report/supposedly conservative bloggers drive me crazy. Don't they have anything better to do with their spare time than gather in cyberspace and hate on people?

They think that they're all sage pundits and influential leaders in a 'conservative revolution', when the truth is that they are just bored losers who were so ineffective at inflicting change in real life that they flock to the internet to be bitter and try to pass the blame of our nation’s woes onto others.

9:57 AM  
Blogger Republican Michigander said...

Thanks for the compliment on my consistancy. I wish the NRA would do their homework more often - or at least went to the debate between Posthumus and Schwarz in Rochester for the 2002 gubenatorial primary.

Whatever happens, I expect a very interesting race. Luckily for Joe, I'm 12 miles outside of Dexter Township.

11:42 PM  

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