Friday, July 21, 2006

Schwarz vs. Walberg debate

Joe Schwarz and Tim Walberg debated in Jackson today and the match was aired at 7 p.m. on WILK-TV Channel 10 out of Lansing, which most Lenawee County residents don't get.
But here's the first story from WILX's Tony Tagliavia.
Schwarz apparently came out swinging at Walberg over alleged campaign finance and spending violations.
"You violated the law," Schwarz said. "Down the road, there may be fines."
Walberg said he's running a clean campaign.
"We have followed the law implicitly," Walberg is quoted as saying.

The Lansing State Journal's Chris Andrews went to Jackson to report on the story.
The two Republicans clashed over federal spending and abortion, Andrews wrote.
Schwarz said it's impossible to study and veto every single pork barrell spending project.
"I will bring back projects that are well scrutinized any time I can," Schwarz said.
Walberg, a former state representative from Tipton, said the differences between he and Schwarz is simple.
"This election is a contrast of ideals and vision - conservative and liberal," Walberg said.

Check back tomorrow with The Adrian Insider for more news about the debate.


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