Monday, July 31, 2006

Schwarz was once 'pro-life' & 'anti-abortion'

Is Joe Schwarz pro-choice or pro-life?
During the July 21 debate against Tim Walberg, Schwarz said his position on abortion "hasn't changed in 25 years."
But the Jackson Citizen Patriot reports that Schwarz positioned himself as pro-life during his unsuccessful 1992 challenge for Nick Smith's congressional seat.
"I am pro-life and I am anti-abortion," Schwarz said then, the Citizen Patriot reported Sunday. "I'm a practicing Roman Catholic and a pro-life person."
Right to Life of Michigan did endorse Schwarz in campaigns for the state Senate in 1990 and 1994, Larry Galmish, president of the RTL's political action committee, told the Citizen Patriot.
"His position had to be pro-life, or we wouldn't have endorsed," Galmish said. By 1998, Schwarz's views on abortion began to "turn," so Right to Life stopped endorsing him, the paper reports.
The article foucsed solely on the issue of abortion, with Walberg even hinting that Schwarz's belief that it's a woman's choice is one of the main reasons he's even in the race.
"I still might be in the race. There are other areas where we disagree," Walberg told the Jackson Citizen Patriot. "But I am not sure."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Schwarz still is Pro-life. The definitions have changed. He has the same stance as Engler, Bush and most of the Republican Congress. It used to be you can be pro-life with exceptions as he is, now it's an absolute. It's all labels and political spin.

BTW, nobody is pro-abortion. That is a sick, callous statement from the far right.

Walberg say's he's 100% Pro-life, but supports the death penalty. Another bald-faced lie from this disingenuous bible-thumper. Can't wait until this election is over.

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