Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Which is it?

Those interested in attending tonight's special meeting in Adrian Township may have become confused by conflicting report's on the Telegram's Web site.
Here it says the meeting has been canceled, but farther down, we are told that the meeting is set for tonight.
So which is it?
The actual newspaper today doesn't have any mention that the meeting was canceled, so the cancellation must have been the Telegram's first attempt at updating its Web site with timely news, but it was laid out on the page like it was a regular news story.
Either way, it's quite confusing for township residents who depend on the Telegram to tell them when a meeting is.
Of course, you can't really always depend on the Telegram for the most dependable information when you have such stellar sentence structures as this one: "The board will use the meeting to discuss issues within its the Adrian Township Fire Department."


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