Saturday, August 12, 2006

Adrian without Delphi: How will the city survive?

What will Adrian look like without Delphi Corp.?
It's a reality that hasn't been written about in Adrian, but the Detroit Free Press recently took note of the problem.
The automotive parts supplier is going to vacate the building by January 2008.
The Delphi plant's tax assessment is the fourth largest in the county, topping $15.8 million in taxable value.
Not only will the city suffer tax losses, it will also lose $100,000 a year in water-related fees that Delphi pays the city.
That means the city will have to pass many of those lost revenues on to residents and businesses in Adrian and surrounding townships.
Relationships between the city and Adrian and Madison township are already volatile.
There will also be lost economic impact and consumer spending when Delphi's 407 jobs disappear.
Delphi employs 407 workers in Adrian, but it is not the city's largest employer.
Delphi is the fourth-largest private employer, ranking behind Lenawee Health Alliance with 710 employees, Adrian College with 688 and Merillat Industries Inc. with 670 workers, The Free Press reported on July 16.
The Free Press story details other problems that will possibly plague our community, like a loss of $80,000 in United Way donations from Delphi employees and UAW officials.
Adrian Public Schools could suffer even more declining enrollment, a problem that's only gotten worse in recent years with people moving to Blissfield, Onsted, Morenci and Tecumseh.
"It's tough for us because we just passed a $50-million bond issue in May 2004," APS Superintendent Del Cochran told the Free Press. "Many of the Delphi parents were pretty supportive of it."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't ask Tim Walberg. He will shrug his shoulders. I think it was Dave Munson who very eloquently described Mr. Walberg's lack of action when his county needed him.

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