Monday, August 07, 2006

'A battle of a lifetime'

In case you missed it, Susan Demas of the Jackson Citizen Patriot wrote a long and in-depth story for Sunday's paper about how Joe Schwarz and Tim Walberg came to be in tomorrow's fierce 7th District GOP primary.
One interesting aspect of the story is how U.S. Rep. Joe Schwarz and Senator John McCain became political and personal friends.
When McCain was a prisoner of war in Hanoi, Schwarz, then a CIA-operative, was sent in to rescue McCain, who may run for president in 2008.
Schwarz saw his national profile rocket after maneuvering McCain's upset over Bush in the 2000 Michigan presidential primary, the Citizen Patriot reported.
"We didn't do too bad," Schwarz told the reporter, grinning.

The Citizen Patriot also endorsed Schwarz in his effort to get re-elected.
"...It comes down to whether voters want an ideologue who probably will not be able to get much done, or an experienced, highly skilled legislator who has shown in two years that he is as effective in the foreign policy arena as he is at representing Jackson County's interests in Washington. We choose the latter," the editors wrote.
Schwarz wrapped up all the big-time endorsements from newspapers in the 7th District and beyond, gaining the praise of the Battle Creek Enquirer, Toledo Blade, Detroit Free Press, Detroit News, Lansing State Journal, Adrian Daily Telegram, Coldwater Daily Reporter and the Ann Arbor News.

And for those who were wondering, The Adrian Insider is not endorsing either candidate, just seeking to give you the reader a more complete understanding of the issues.


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