Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Berryman to Dems: Don't waste your time voting Dems

Former Adrian Mayor Jim Berryman is touting himself as the model Democrat that plans to vote for centrist Joe Schwarz over arch-conservative Tim Walberg on Tuesday.
Berryman, a former state senator who is a negotiator the Michigan Education Association, was featured in a Monday article in the Jackson Citizen Patriot about cross-over voters.
There are four hardly known Democrats in the race.
"Daryl Campbell, Chuck Ream, Sharon Renier and Fred Strack hope voters will look away from the almost $2 million spending spectacle" in the Republican primary between Schwarz and Tim Walberg, the Citizen Patriot reported Tuesday.
Beryman says voting Democrat is a waste in this heavily Republican 7th District.
"God bless the Democrats for trying," Berryman told the Citizen Patriot's Brad Flory. "But you have got to be realistic: The winner of this Republican primary will be elected in the fall."
Walberg claims 10,000 Democrats voted for Schwarz.

Meanwhile, Walberg says the outcome of Tuesday's election could shape the future of the Repbulican Party.
Schwarz doesn't see it that way.
"I don't know how much credence you would put into a congressional primary in South Central Michigan for a barometer of the Republican Party," Schwarz told the Battle Creek Enquirer's Andy Rathbun for a story published Tuesday. "I would tend to say it might be a minibarometer, but no more than that."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obviously, Walberg is not an environmentalist. Yesterday, I received five mailings from him, mostly more lies about Schwarz.

I wonder how many trees those mailings represent? I'd say it was an incredible waste of resources.

12:49 PM  

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