Monday, August 07, 2006

If Schwarz loses, will he run as an Independent?

If U.S. Rep. Joe Schwarz loses tomorrow's Republican primary to Tim Walberg, will he run as an Independent in November?
This question hasn't been raised in the local and statewide media, but the possibility is there.
In 2004, when Schwarz was running neck and neck with Brad Smith for the right to succeed Brad's father, Nick, in congress, it was rumored if Schwarz lost, he'd try to get himself on the November ballott as an Independent.
A self-proclaimed moderate, Schwarz has in the past disagreed with his own party on taxes, abortion and other wedge issues.
So becoming an Independent wouldn't be anything radical for the Battle Creek doctor, former state senator and ex-CIA operative, only giving Walberg more firing power that Schwarz is just a "Republican In Name Only."

In other campaign news...
Just to remind everyone, Joe Schwarz recieved 27.7% of the vote in 2004, while Walberg finished third with 17.6%, the Detroit Free Press reported Sunday. Brad Smith got somewhere around 23%. reports that outside groups like Republican Main Street Partnership and Club for Growth have spent more than $1 million on this race.
Total money spent by all sides could top $3 million.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why would he run as an independent? He's a staunch Republican.

The point is moot, we will win.

7:59 PM  

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