Monday, August 07, 2006

Latest Schwarz, Walberg headlines

Here's a brief rundown of the latest headlines in the 7th District Republican and Democratic congressional primaries:

Republicans turn against incumbent, Ann Arbor News - 7 hours ago, BY KEN THOMAS, AP repoter.... Republican Rep. Joe Schwarz is backed by President Bush, Arizona Sen. John McCain and the National Rifle Association....

A battle of a lifetime, Jackson Citizen Patriot, Sunday, Aug. 06, By Susan J. Demas - Armed with his pedigree as a surgeon, state senator and CIA spy, the centrist Joe Schwarz is wrapping up his first term as a freshman congressman. Tim Walberg -- a religious right icon known for never having met a tax cut he didn't like as a legislator -- is back in the political fray.

Democrats compete for shot at 7th District House seat ... Ann Arbor News, Sunday, Aug. 5

Primary elections come down to the wire, Contra Costa Times - CA,USA... won two years ago and stymie a well-financed effort by former state Rep. Tim Walberg of Tipton to nab the seat for conservatives. ...

Key Races in Tuesday's PrimariesForbes - USA... Joe Schwarz faces a serious challenge from former state lawmaker Tim Walberg. Schwarz, a moderate Republican, is backed by President Bush...

The Dems' primary: Strack is best of four, The Jackson Citizen-Patriot (editorial endorsement), - Aug 4, 2006... Joe Schwarz and challenger Tim Walberg. ... Though he views himself as a middle-of-the-roader, he also observes that "there's nothing moderate about Joe Schwarz."

PACs spending big on attack ads, WWMT - Aug 4, 2006(NEWS 3) - If you've watched TV lately, then you have probably seen political ads attacking Congressman Joe Schwarz and his opponent, Tim Walberg.

Pro-Life Voters Head to the Polls Tuesday, Abortion Battles in - Helena,MT,USA... former state Rep. Tim Walberg has a very good shot and defeating Rep. Joe Schwarz, who has a mixed voting record on pro-life issues. ...

Race is rife with 'noise' The Jackson Citizen-Patriot - Jackson,MI,USA... day. It's a rematch from 2004 between US Rep. Joe Schwarz, aka the outspoken doctor, and Tim Walberg, the polished preacher.

Democrats are having a primary election, too, Coldwater Daily Reporter, MI - Aug 3, 2006... This includes Sharon Renier of Munith, who won the Democratic primary in 2002 and lost to US Rep. Joe Schwarz, R-Battle Creek, in the general election.

GOP looking to define itself, Detroit Free Press - By DAWSON BELL.

Top Ten Reasons Joe Schwarz Must Go: 4. He's Anti-Free Speech & 3. ... RedState, VA - 19 hours ago

Is Joe Schwarz a liberal?RedState, VA - Aug 3, 2006Most recently, Erick posted a link to the RedState radio interview with Tim Walberg that suggests that incumbent Joe Schwarz is indeed a liberal.

Primary elections come down to the wire, By Kathy Barks Hoffman, LANSING AP writer - Candidates for tight races in the Republican primaries for U.S. Senate and the Seventh District U.S. House seat campaigned hard and appealed to supporters to go to the polls tomorrow. They're hoping to energize voters busy with vacations and summer outings.

The Dems' primary: Strack is best of four, The Jackson Citizen-Patriot - Jackson,MI,USA... Joe Schwarz and challenger Tim Walberg. Then there's the low-key contest among four Democrats: Sharon Renier, Chuck Ream, Daryl Campbell and Fred Strack.

Republican Main Street Partnership Urges Michigan Voters to Say No ...U.S. Newswire (press release) - Washington,DC,USA... 8 Michigan Republican primary, the Republican Main Street Partnership (RMSP) PAC is urging voters to say no to Tim Walberg.

Midterm Roundup, TPMCafe - New York,NY,USA... term incumbent Representative Joe Schwarz (R) faces a second consecutive primary challenge from 2004 challenger, state Representative Tim Walberg (R).

Minuteman director stops in Adrian during state tour, Adrian Daily Telegram - Adrian,MI,USA... Garza is also talking up the immigration stance of Tim Walberg, a Republican from Tipton who is challenging US Rep. Joe Schwarz....

GOP spars over Mich. congressional seat, San Jose Mercury News - CA, USA... groups and generated bad blood between the two candidates, Schwarz faces a serious challenge from conservative former state lawmaker Tim Walberg in Tuesday's...


Anonymous Lynn said...

2005 was a year of major legislative successes for the Republican Main Street Partnership. Through the hard work of our House and Senate Members, we achieved numerous victories on our policy agenda.

Stem Cell Research – With the dedicated leadership of Main Street President Congressman Mike Castle, we were successful in passing legislation in the House to expand embryonic stem cell research. Our Senate supporters advanced the issue, and were able to win the support of Senate Majority Leader Frist to bring up a stem cell bill early in 2006.

Drilling in the Artic National Wildlife Refuge – We were successful in killing an effort to open up land in the Artic National Wildlife Refuge for oil drilling. Our House Members persuaded their leadership to remove ANWR language from the budget reconciliation bill and our Senators were instrumental in voting to strip similar provisions from an unrelated defense measure.

Davis-Bacon Prevailing Wage Rate Requirements – After hurricane Katrina, President Bush suspended the Davis-Bacon prevailing wage provisions for federal construction projects. Our House Members successfully demonstrated that this was not saving the federal government any money and persuaded the President to rescind his action, thus restoring important wage protections for workers.

Role of Women in Military – Our House Members fought hard to remove language in a House defense bill that would have reversed current military policy of allowing women to serve in combat positions.

Anti-Torture Prohibition – Led by Senator John McCain, Main Street Members of Congress successfully battled President Bush, the Pentagon, and their colleagues to establish new guidelines prohibiting torture of military detainees.

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