Thursday, August 03, 2006

Minuteman are coming

The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps., an Arizona immigration watchdog group that patrols the Mexican border, is bringing its political voice to the 7th District Republican primary.
The Minuteman PAC plans to pour $150,000 into a media blitz on Tim Walberg's behalf to oust incumbent Joe Schwarz, R-Battle Creek.
Walberg says Schwarz supports amnesty for illegal immigrants and is siding with his friend, U.S. Sen. John McCain of Arizona, and Sen. Ted Kennedy, the senior Democrat from Massachussets.
Walberg's ads linking Schwarz to Kennedy are likely to enrage and presumably bring out the district's conservative base.
But now the Minuteman's political action committee is marching into the 7th District race, having already spent $29,000 in ads, the Jackson Citizen Patriot reported Wednesday.
The Minuteman patrol the border to stop Mexicans from illegally entering the country. They want a wall built to stop the problem.
"This is the No. 1 issue. Frankly, nothing else is more important -- not job security, not the war in Iraq," Minuteman spokesman Brett Farley told the Citizen Patriot, which has had almost daily stories on the Republican race for the past week. "Tim Walberg has made his position clear. He's solidly anti-amnesty (for immigrants), unlike Schwarz."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saturday morning's Jackson Citizen Patriot says that last week Tim Walberg "called campaign finance laws "'too invasive.'" Outrageous. Is he suggesting that campaign financing should be less open to public scrutiny? Is this the attitude we want in Washington? Is he concerned that 7th District residents have discovered that "Only 13 percent of Schwarz's money comes from outside of Michigan, but 76 percent of Walberg's money is from outside the state." (Battle Creek Enquirer, 8/3/06)

I would not defend any outside involvement in this race on either side, but Walberg's contributions have been so overwhelmingly out-of-the-state that I am deeply troubled by the the idea of just who may be trying to buy our district. To met it looks like it is a right-wing extremist group that has absolutely no interest in the people of Michigan or this district. They appear to have found a willing conduit in Tim Walberg. Character counts in Washington, Mr. Walberg -- not just slick flyers and outside money and empty slogans.

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