Saturday, August 12, 2006

Schwarz supports a third party

Congressman Joe Schwarz said this week he supports a third party, but is not running as independent to avenge his primary loss to Tim Walberg of Tipton.
"I am a lifelong Republican, and I don't like what's happening," Schwarz told the Jackson Citizen Patriot. "There's a good argument to be made for a third party."
Schwarz, a moderate, appears fed up with the far right-wingers of his party, saying his "dream ticket" in the 2008 presidential campaign would be senators John McCain, R-Ariz., and Joe Lieberman, D-Conn., who lost his own high-profile race Tuesday, the Citizen Patriot reported.
Schwarz also said he'll be helping McCain with a presidential bid if the Arizona senator and famous POW decides to run.
Schwarz, a former state senator, ran McCain's Michigan campaign in 2000 to victory over then-Texas Governor George W. Bush.
Dr. Schwarz will likely go back to practicing medicine in Battle Creek when his short two-year term ends in January.
But the political job offers are flying in, campaign spokesman John Truscott told the Citizen Patriot.
Schwarz won President Bush's endorsement, and there's always a chance that he could get appointed by Bush to a spot in his administration's final two years.
But he may want to focus on getting McCain into the White House. If that were to happen, Schwarz's experience in medicine/health care and foreign policy may give a shot a cabinet-level or deputy position under a President McCain.
One Adrian Insider reader has suggested Schwarz would make a good Lt. governor and running mate for Dick DeVos, who is mounting an expensive campaign to unseat Gov. Jennifer Granholm.
"His political star has not set," wrote another anonymous reader, who noted any Lt. gov. to DeVos would be No. 3 behind the millionaire's wife, Betsy.


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