Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Spade signs stolen

Anybody else get their re-elect state Rep. Dudley Spade yard signs stolen?
Some Lenawee County citizens have reported their yard signs endorsing the Tipton Democrat missing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Walberg's people are probably bored because Renier does not have too many signs yet.

2:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not find your joke the least bit funny. Let's see, there were no stories about Mr. Schwarz's yard sings dissapearing (had to look pretty hard to find one in the first place) but to insinuate that Walberg supporters would do this is pretty low.

Mr. Walberg won the primary election fair and square. Supporters of Mr. Schwarz, GET OVER IT!!! We do not always have things go our way in American politics. I for one very seldom get the candidate I prefer elected. But I don't go around crying about it. If I did, I would sound like the Democrates with there rabid hatred of Mr Bush, which is how some supporters of Mr Schwarz are starting to sound.

In this upcoming general election we as Republicans need to stick together. Will you really vote in a Democrat to Congress, (with the ramifications of doing so) because your candidate did not win the primary election?

Mr Walberg may not be all things to all Republican voters. If you are concerned he will not bring in the PORK that Mr. Schwarz did, that's probably true. And yes he may peeve off other Congressmen by not supporting the excessive amounts of pork they add in the budget each year. Frankly, that is what I expect my Representative to do. However, if you consider the facts, Mr Walberg probably supports more of your ideals that does Ms Renier.

So lets stop bickering among ourselves! The future of America is too important to let the Democrats take control of Congress over such petty disagreement as this.


12:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Walberg DID NOT win "Fair and Square" as stated. He lied and misrepresented facts about Schwarz's record. Even though I'm a Republican, I will vote for integrity, regardless of party affilation. It will not be Walberg. I hate what is happening to the GOP.

You expect everyone to now join hands and sing Kumbaya, simply because we are Republicans? Not going to happen, too much is at stake to let people like Walberg have a say. We face serious problems, especially with National Security and we messed up big time by removing Schwarz.

Walberg was one of the worst legislators in Michigan, he is not and will not be a team player. He frequently blew off his duties in the state house.

He will be useless and irrevelant in Congress, if he wins in November. I'm not "getting over it," this is a mistake of epic proportion and we will all suffer because of it.

9:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo, TD. You want the GOP to band together and support Tim Walberg. The same Tim Walberg who, after he lost the last 6-way primary fair and square, decided to go out on the stump for David Horn, a third party candidate. Walberg was such a poor loser that he actually did tell people to vote for someone other than Joe Schwarz in the 2004 general election.

Joe did not need Mr. Walberg's help in '04 and handily beat the Dem. Now, this time around, we have a fringe nominee who will struggle to beat her. Your memory is short, and your Mr. Walberg is a snake, not to be trusted and disloyal to this party when it comes to his personal agenda.

He handed off the Lenawee state rep seat to the democrats and now our congressional seat is in play. The fact that he now needs to appear centrist to get elected will be fun to watch. I predict you will hear him pander as usual and squirm when asked about "earmarks." That is a term that he needs to get a better handle on. He "promised" oppose all earmarks. Later, he declared that he would support the good ones.

He is not the strong voice you voted for and you will see how bad a choice he was for us all.

11:30 PM  

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