Thursday, August 10, 2006

Spade votes to abolish Single Business Tax

State Rep. Dudley Spade, D-Tipton, joined with Republican lawmakers Wednesday in "an act of extreme cowardice" according to Gov. Jennifer Granholm in voting to abolish the SBT without a plan to make up for the $1.9 billion in revenue it generates.
Granholm, also a Democrat, can't veto the move, as she did earlier this year, because it was brought to legislators through an initiative petition drive led by Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson, as reported by the Associated Press.
Spade was one of 7 Democrats to join with the Republican leadership to vote for the repeal, which was lauded by GOP gubernatorial candidate Dick DeVos, Booth Newspapers' Peter Luke reports.
“Lenawee County and the State of Michigan have needed this tax repeal for a long time,” Spade said in a statement released Wednesday. “I voted in March of this year to accelerate the repeal of the SBT and my position has not changed. I was disappointed that this initiative failed the first time, but I am pleased that we are now moving forward. Accelerating the repeal of this tax will put us in a more competitive position to create jobs and attract businesses to our state.”


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