Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Walberg on MySpace

It may be Election Day, but the battle between Joe Schwarz and Tim Walberg just took an interesting, if not hillarious, turn on MySpace.com.
MySpace, the social networking Web site blamed for all sorts of mischievious behavior, has a site devoted to making fun to Tim Walberg called "Wannabe."
The Web site makes fun of Rev. Walberg's percieved fundamentalist preacher views and "family values," which he touts on his real campaign home page.
"Family Values, Harley Davidsons!!! Pretending to Hunt (whatever is moving), I luv Moody Bible Institut, GO LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!," 'Wannabe' states in the general interests profile.

"Good for advertising."

"Books are bad. They open the mind."

To poke fun at all the money Walberg got from special interests, under the category "Who I'd like to meet," the profile lists Pat Toomey, president of Club for Growth, the Washington group that's either donated or raised $1 million on Walberg's behalf.
Beacuse of MySpace's anonymity, it's possible this Web site was created by somebody in Schwarz's camp.
But it's also possible somebody in Beirut launched the profile, which was last updated July 1. The answer may never be known, especially since voters may decide later today to send Walberg back to Tipton, rather than the U.S. Congress.
MySpace users can log in and view these photos of Harley-loving Walberg, many of which appear to be fake, but some are straight from Walberg's campaign homepage.


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