Monday, September 18, 2006

Schwarz's Washington Post column: 'Don't Lose Like Me'

In a guest column in Sunday's Washington Post, U.S. Rep. Joe Schwarz says it wasn't "President Bush who proved to be the kiss of death to my candidacy for a second term in the House."
"What did me in was voter apathy, and moral absolutist groups supported by a vitriolic negative-ad campaign funded by organizations on the far right," Schwarz wrote.
Schwarz appears to be still searching for answers to his Aug. 8 defeat to Tipton preacher Tim Walberg.
But he knows one thing: "...Fewer and fewer sensible "let's take the broad view" candidates will have any chance of being elected.
Schwarz, R-Battle Creek, issues a challenge to centrists, of whom he says are going extinct.
"Somehow, some way, moderates must understand that they will go the way of the moa, the dodo and, appropriately, the woolly mammoth unless they learn to fight as hard for the policies of the sane and rational center as the far right and far left fight for the extremes," the Battle Creek physician and former state senator writes.
Schwarz has said he will be backing U.S. Sen. John McCain's presumed 2008 presidential bid if the moderate senator from Arizona decides to in fact run.

Here's Schwarz's e-mail address.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its too bad that a good man like Joe Schwarz has become the victim of a the lies of a supposed preacher. Moreover, it is too bad for the people of the 7th District to lose a true voice in Congress. It is unfortunate that the people now have the option to elect either a crazy organic farmer or a lying, cheating, and morally bankrupt preacher that cares about nothing other than amending the Constitution to outlaw all forms of homosexuality and abortion. Walberg makes me ashamed to be a Republican. Either way, Walberg's tenure in Congress will be short. He has his opportunity to showcase his incompetence on a grand stage now.

10:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This paragraph pretty much sums up Club for Growth who is now backing Mike Bouchard. Apparently he didn't learn anything from Schwarz's campaign.

"So in the Republican primary, the opposition got its vote out. The effort was funded, probably to the tune of $1 million or so, by the Club for Growth, a Washington outfit supported by plutocrats nationwide who apparently have nothing better to do with their money than give it to an organization that stands for nothing -- though it says it's "anti-tax" -- and likes to play in elections in which it has no logical interest."

11:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Schwartz has said several times that the people who voted against him are far-right. I take great offence from that kind of statement. I am a mom of 3 and I don't even go to church, I do believe though. He is just a poor loser, he lost because republicans want a republican, not an old time democrat. (not the liberal kind). thanks for the link, I will tell him about it.

7:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Schwarz outspent Walberg 3-1 and still lost. Everyone needs to remember that he won with 28% of the vote last time; that means a vast majority (72%) did not vote for him.

He's a sore loser. He ran a shoddy campaign with no clear message or direction. Walberg hammered his message home and got his base out. Schwarz has embarrassed himself, and more importantly, the party, with his crybaby attitude. He pulled the same garbage two years ago - every time Brad Smith got anywhere close to him in the polls, he'd cry about Club for Growth. If Renier wins this, the Republican Party will hold Joe Schwarz responsible, and we'll be represented by a completly inexperienced, totally unqalified person, which will damage this congressional seat far worse than anything Walberg could possibly do.

1:21 PM  

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