Sunday, October 29, 2006

Democrats smell blood

The Battle Creek Enquirer's Andy Rathbun has a detailed story out today examining all that's gone wrong for Tim Walberg in the past month leading up to the Nov. 7 election.
Democrats and their candidate, Sharon Renier, smell blood after a poll showed Walberg's lead wasn't as good as it should be in the Republican-leaning 7th District.
Then there's this snafu with Walberg's campaign staffer Daniel Coons who pleaded guilt to beating his foster child last month.
Walberg's decision not to fire Coons when he got charged has drawn criticism from Renier and even Republicans.
"Definitely it will affect Walberg," Mike Troutman, 7th District Republican chairman, told the Battle Creek Enquirer. "Walberg tries to portray himself as the moral candidate. I think definitely the people will connect the two together."
One political pundit is suggesting that the Detroit News' endorsement of Libertarian Robert Hutchinson may create "a half-way home for Republicans that don't want to vote for a Democrat but want to protest."
Joe Schwarz supporters who despise Walberg may use Hutchinson as a safe haven, making it a vote against Walberg but not for Renier, said Craig Ruff, senior policy fellow at the Lansing-based Public Sector Consultants Inc.
"There could be a draining of votes away from Walberg," Ruff told the Battle Creek paper.

Walberg is a former state representative from Tipton who represented us Lenawee County residents in Lansing for 16 years.

Renier, D-Munith, has seized the moment, politicizing the Walberg-staffer issue.
"Do we send to Congress the small businesswoman farmer or a morally bankrupt politician who places his loyalty to a child abuser over the child?'' Renier said in an Ann Arbor News story today.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everyone should watch this video about how Tim Walberg coddles child abusers.

6:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HA HA. He deserves every bit of it. To campaign on a platform totally devoid of real issues and claim to have the moral highground...

Reality is every "family" has a few skeletons. Walberg has been running around claiming that he is pure, yet the truth is he is just like the rest of us--wait--check that--the last time I looked into my circle of friends--THERE WERE NO CHILD ABUSERS... He associates with people who think beating foster kids is "OK." I for one ain't cool with that. What did a kid do to deserve NOT BEING ABLE TO OPERATE HIS JJJAAAWWW CORRECTLY??

And Mr. Walberg wants that little kid to be put back in that creep's home. I cannot think of one quality of Walberg which strikes me as normal.

12:01 AM  

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