Monday, October 23, 2006

Detroit News: Walberg too conservative for us

The Detroit News' decision to endorse Libertarian candidate Robert L. Hutchinson over Republican nominee Tim Walberg in the Nov. 7 general election has become news itself.
Wow," Hutchinson, an 83-year-old World War II veteran, told the Battle Creek Enquirer. "I hadn't heard, no. But the reaction is 'wow.'"
Walberg downplayed the fact the state's second largest daily newspaper thinks he's too "far-right" for its own conservative principals.
"It's unexpected," Walberg told the Battle Creek Enquirer. "Bottom line is the Detroit News is not a paper in our district. They don't understand our community."
In 2004, the Detroit News endorsed U.S. Rep. Joe Schwarz, who was ousted by Walberg in the August primary.
The endorsement has gained noticed around the blogsphere, including this posting by Third Party Watch.

In other news, U.S. Taxpayer candidate David Horn continues to tells voters to vote for Walberg. Can anybody explain this?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a good summation of Walberg from his "neighbor"

From today's CITPAT

Renier over Walberg

CLARK LAKE -- On Monday, Oct. 16, an article in the Cit Pat and then a call from a Tim Walberg supporter pushed me over the top. We have had a hearing-aid business in Hillsdale and Jackson for 35 years. In Hillsdale we moved next door to Tim Walberg and were there for 10 years. He rarely came to his office, and ignored any attempts by us to be friendly. People would ask, "Does he ever come around?" We kidded about this furtive person. Since he was in the state Legislature, I decided to try to find out more about him.

Friends in Lansing told me he was noted for voting "no" on everything and never proposing any bills. He was picked as the poorest legislator in Lansing over a period of 14 years. In our office, my wife and family began to think of him as some sort of nut.

Our family has also known Sharon Renier, a University of Michigan student and Munith farmer for about 10 years. To go to her organic farm is like stepping back in time.

It appears we have a moderate in Sharon vs. a neo-religious conservative in Tim. But what hits me like a wet dish rag is the spending by out-of-state groups for Rev. Tim. The Club for Growth is now under FEC probe for campaign-finance violations. The big oil interests stopped spending, so in comes new PAC money of $110,000 and Dick Cheney comes in to our area and raises another $150,000 for Tim on Oct. 5.

Religion doesn't belong in this election and the huge amount of money stinks. If we approve of Bush's current policies, we should cast a "no" vote for Tim. If we want an independent moderate, it's Sharon Renier for Congress.

-- Bob Hopkins

9:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Walberg claims the Detroit News is irrelevant because it is not in our district. By his logic, the opinion of people or organizations which are outside of the 7th congressional district of Michigan are irrelevant. A truly consistent, honest person would make the assumption that the CLUB FOR GROWTH, THE SINGLE SOURCE OF 3/4THS OF WALBERG'S SUPPORT-- IS IRRELEVANT.

I hate to SHOUT, but Walberg is a hypocryte. He lies and constantly bends the truth to fit his immediate needs. He supported third-party candidate David Horn when Horn ran against Joe Schwarz 2 years ago and he called the President irrelevant when the President endorsed Joe Schwarz. But now that he needs money, he will say and do anything to get elected--including his odd comment about putting his hands around VP Cheney... (a little odd for such a homophobic man like Walberg...)

11:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


PAYBACK. Simple. Walberg activly stumped for David Horn in 2004. Walberg lost the GOP primary to Joe Schwarz and proceeded to CUT AND RUN on the GOP. He wrote emails, spoke to GOP organizations, and otherwise trashed Joe Schwarz. Its a quid pro quo--returning the favor. Horn is not stupid and the US Taxpayer Party should pull him off the ballot for his actions.

11:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

VOTE Tim Walberg!!!

12:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't forget that Walberg urged his supporters in July to call the White House and urge President Bush to not support or come to our district because Joe Schwarz was "a liberal."

It was one of the most arrogant and stupid things I've ever seen a Congressional candidate do, especially when he's allegedly in the same political party as the President.

9:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its funny that the DN didnt give him an endorsment. He stated that the DN didnt understand the district. So in reality does Club for Growth understand our district a lot better then our own newspapers? Basically he said "dont bite the hand that feeds me"! What do you guys think of that?


12:02 AM  

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