Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Schwarz is a write-in candidate

U.S Rep. Joe Schwarz isn't on the ballot today, but you can add the Battle Creek Republican if you'd like.
At the urging of his faithful supporters, Schwarz filed for write-in candicacy on Wednesday in Calhoun County.
Schwarz's campaign says they're not trying to steal the election from Republican Tim Walberg but give his loyal supporters another choice over Democrat Sharon Renier or Libertarian Robert Hutchinson, who was endorsed by The Detroit News.
"This is not trying to upset the race," Matt Marsden, Schwarz's chief of staff, told the Battle Creek Enquirer. "This is not trying to pull any last minute hijinks."
Schwarz has refused to endorse Walberg after the Tipton preacher beat him in the August primary and then he accussed him of violating federal campaign finance rules.
"They can believe what they want to believe," Schwarz told the Battle Creek Enquirer for a story today, Election Day. "Our one goal and one purpose in filing was simply to allow people's votes to be counted."
This development comes just a day after the Jackson Citizen Patriot's Susan J. Demas wrote an interesting piece on "The Schwarz Factor" and who would his supporters vote for after that nasy primary.
Walberg's campaign
doubts Schwarz will steal votes from him.
“It’s a free country and people can do what they want,” Walberg campaign manager Joe Wicks told the Jackson Citizen Patriot. “Tim’s going to win.”

Renier campaign spokesman Craig Holden doubts that Schwarz would be much of a factor in the race at this point.
"It's so late in the game, I can't see it having any effect," Holden told the Associated Press.
The only sure impact of Schwarz's decision is slower election results as poll workers have to hand count the write-in ballots, Calhoun County Clerk Anne Norlander told the Detroit Free Press.

This latest development on Election Day has made this campaign an interesting one to follow. Go Vote!


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