Friday, December 08, 2006

More Club for Growth drama

This vindictive drama between Club for Growth and outgoing Congressman Joe Schwarz just continues.
The Washington-based lobby group that helped former state Rep. Tim Walberg beat Schwarz in the August primary has filed campaign finance complaints against Schwarz.

The Adrian Insider has obtained the complaint for readers to download.

A few bloggers have weighed in on Club for Growth decision to "fight" back.
"Being vindictive is a great first foot forward, so let's just hope that Walberg doesn't follow in the footsteps of his backers," a blogger at Walberg Watch recently wrote.

The complaint to the Federal Elections Commission comes after Schwarz filed a bunch of complaints against Walberg and the Club saying they stole the election.
Apparently the Club for Growth complaints are largely to get Schwarz some negative headlines, even though he's already lost.
"The primary reason was we were sick of Schwarz filing bogus complaints against us," David Keating, executive director of the anti-tax group, told the Jackson Citizen Patriot. "It appeared to us that he was the one violating the law."
At least one frequently quoted analyst says no matter if Walberg gets off, his image is hurt.
"Because it tarnishes Walberg in two years that he had participated in improper activity and fundraising and accepting money," Polster Ed Sarpolus told a Lansing television station.


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