Saturday, February 03, 2007

Schwarz to decide 2008 plans in six months

The political bull's-eye on Tim Walberg's back gained the notice of The New York Times today.
NY Times carried a story from that Joe Schwarz will decide within six months whether he'll challenge Walberg in 2008 for his old seat in what's being plugged as "Round 3."
For those who followed this year's campaign and Walberg's primary win, it's common knowledge that Schwarz is resentful of losing to Walberg, a very conservative former preacher and state representative from Lenawee County.
Schwarz, R-Tipton, won the 7th District seat in 2004 in a six-man Republican primary, which included Walberg, R-Tipton.
The story also lays out previous speculation about potential Democratic candidates who some pundits say could put up a good challenge against the far-right Walberg.
Democratic candidates already being mentioned are former state Rep. Doug Spade of Lenawee County and state Rep. Marty Griffin, who was the mayor of Jackson.
Republican operatives have also suggested state Senator Mark Schauer, D-Battle Creek, should run in 2008 since his term does not end until 2010, ensuring his job security.
Walberg said he's prepared to "raise what it takes to win" -- which could be more than the almost $1.3 million he amassed for the last election.
Given the money spent in 2006 from out-of-district sources, it's likely somebody will be gunning for Walberg, the Jackson Citizen Patriot reported Friday.
"He won by an extremely narrow margin," DCCC spokeswoman Kate Bedingfield told the Jackson newspaper. "He represents the most extreme elements of the Republican Party.

Joe Schwarz, a doctor and former state senator, is part of Gov. Jennifer Granholm's emergency budget panel that is recommending a tax increase to solve Michigan's budget woes.
Schwarz will appear with fellow panelist S. Martin Taylor, a U-M regent, on WKAR's "Off The Record" this week.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No one wants to raise taxes, but if we are not going to cut corrections, eductation, transporatation or any other state service what should we do?

Schwarz's problem is that he's usually right on unpopular issues. It takes courage to face the facts and do what's right. Sometimes that's not very palatable, but that's what makes Schwarz unique and part of his downfall is his brutal honesty in difficult situations. I'll take that over anything Walberg would do...just say no to everything until it goes away.

1:03 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

He is not right to suggest further tax increases...Sorry as much as I like Joe, this is an unpopular "wrong" decision. I voted for him last election too. If he were brutally honest he would have suggested the government find a way to cut expenses. The budget under Granholm has increased each year, so all this talk about cutting the budget is crap. She has only cut budgeted increases from the previous years budget....

11:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Schwarz, go lost. I am sick of his poor loser attitude. No to raising taxes. That is the easy way out.

12:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The easy way out is to think there is an easy answer to our state's problems. Simplistic, unrealistic, unilateral decisions have no place in the debate. The panel, which, by design did not have any flaming libs or conservatives, pretty much said as much. They advocated a mix of further reform, raising taxes and cutting spending. It is not rocket science, and seemed to work pretty well for the first hundred+ years in Michigan. It has only been since we've had term limits in the governor's office and legislatures that this gathering storm of cyclical budget imbalances has gone unaddressed. Engler and the first wave of term limited legislators picked the low hanging fruit off right before they left, but now all the institutional knowlege is gone and no one in Lansing seems to have the balls to make though choices, instead preferring to "play" politics rather than be real legislators and executives. There is not one person roaming the halls of our capitol who has a bit of experience making wise, difficult decisions, but they all seem to grasp how to bicker and point fingers.

12:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cut taxes, cut taxes, cut taxes. That seems to be the Republicans' continuous mantra to solve all our problems. Just cut taxes. What I want to know is, even assuming that no more money is handed out to those less fortunate than we, exactly what are the "no tax people" advocating to bring in funds. Just tonight, someone (in Lenawee County) was complaining about some of the roads in this area. Of course, he is one of the chief know-it-all's in how government should be run and is ardently against taxation, period. But where, I ask, will we find funding for road repairs if there are no appropriations for these kinds of things. He had no answer.

For those who have no comment besides "no taxes", exactly what is it you would do to cover the finances in this state?

Certainly I do not want to pay more than my fair share of what I owe but I've always considered it a privilege to live in this country and if adding 2% for general services will help put money back into education, highways, health services, then I'm all for it.

Maybe we could convince our congresspersons to give up half their salaries and make them pay for their own health insurance. By God, I'll bet they'd find ways to vote on what is best for our state and country.

12:24 AM  

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